How can we forward the texts which will be translated to you?

You can send source texts in file format via e-mails or attach it to the communication form.

How can I be sure the texts are error-free in target language?

It’s very simple: Our translators have a good mastery of mother tongue of the texts to be translated and each of them possess the knowledge needed in mentioned branches. We work with only qualified translators!

Does the translated text go through a final check again?

Yes, all the translated texts go through a final check again (four eyes principle) and are submitted as error-free.

Who translates technical documents?

Technical documents are handled only by the translators who are experts in technical branch.

What is Translation Memory System (TM)?

Translation Memory is a databank where words and sentences are saved in mentioned language combination. Whereby the use of terminology and previously translated texts, our translators work more quickly and save much more time.

Which programs do you use?

We work with almost all kinds of translation programs such as Across, Trados SDL, Transit, MemoQ etc.

Do you translate PDF files?

We translate all converted PDF files except scanned ones.

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